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Let's Build Your Business

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My name is Audrey Hamilton, and I am the Entrepreneurial Assistant. I am a project manager, business coach, and network marketer. I help entrepreneurs that are starting out, build a foundation for their business.

Most businesses do not survive 2 years. I have seen a pattern though that most do not have a good foundation for their business. Well, that is what I help with!

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Who I Am

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What I Offer

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What I offer is building a foundation for your business. There are many things that need to be worked on from knowing what you offer, who it targets, what you look like online, and your own customer service. To minimize stress, it should be as streamlined as possible.

What I offer is coaching you to help your business grow and also able to run your projects to help you in your growth. If you want to do things on your own, I have material available for purchase!

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Breaking Ground Zero

(Business Coaching Program)

Coming Soon


1 hour Coaching Session- $150

Before the call, I will have a form for you to fill out that will help me understand what you are needing. In our call, we will talk about your pain point and find actionable steps for you to take to help!

Coaching Services

Let's Step Up Your Business!



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Inspire. Motivate. Uplift.

Free Community

Entrepreneur's Community

Join my free community to get business tips, accountability, networking, and to create genuine friendships! Our motto is to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and UPLIFT you!

We want to INSPIRE you to be your greatest, MOTIVATE you to get things done,

and UPLIFT you when you are feeling down.

You are not alone. We believe that you can do it!

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Landing Pages



Virtual Services

Let's set you up for success!

Book a call to learn more about what I offer!

Setting Things Up

Social Media Set Up

Email Campaign


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Women Entrepreneurs

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Free Networking Event

Women Entrepreneurs: Drink and Chat

Join us for a night of fun on Zoom every 3rd Friday of each month. This is a time for us women to connect and brainstorm with like-minded women that want to grow their businesses. Bring your favorite drink whether it is alcohol, water, coffee, tea, or anything, bring a notebook, and most importantly, come as you are. There is no judgment about where you are at in business or in life.

When you rise, WE all rise together!

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Project Management

Let's continue to grow your business together!

These are priced at $40 an hour.

Book a call to get started!

Social Media Managing


Virtual Event Managing

Consistent Growth

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For the Entrepreneur with a Million and One Ideas

Business Learning Material

Let's start making those "impossible" goals a reality!

Check out my digital products to learn more about how to grow your business!

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Extra Free Resources

Check out these extra resources to help you build your business!

I have tutorials and informational videos for you to check out, you can get tips from my newsletter and stay updated with what I do, and also check out my blog about other things related to growing your business!

Let's Do This Together!

Let's Step Up Your Business!

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